18th Street Arts Center: Jimena Sarno | Exhibition Reception| Score for the Near Future

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18th Street Arts Center: Jimena Sarno | Exhibition Reception| Score for the Near Future
November 9, 2019 5:00 pm
18th Street Art Center
Jeny Amaya: (626) 756-1190
18th Street Art Center
1639 18th St, Santa Monica, 90404

Jimena Sarno | Score for the Near Future
Exhibition | October 19-December 14, 2019
Reception| Saturday, November 9, 2019 | 5-8 PM
Main Gallery | 1639 18th Street, Santa Monica
 For her Artist Lab exhibition at 18th Street Arts Center, which is also part of 18th Street’s Commons Lab residency, Jimena Sarno is creating a process-based sound and sculpture installation. Score for the Near Future is organized around the idea of dissonance, questioning how space is conceived and navigated based on the viewer’s assumptions of power and representation. Populated by an accumulation of handmade domestic objects that evolves over the run of the exhibition, the gallery is transformed into a three-dimensional musical score where every presence, absence, and spatial relation is readable as both notation and abstraction. This gradual accumulation within the installation will result in a complete visual score that will be interpreted and composed by Sarno’s collaborator, vocal artist and improviser Molly Pease. Through a randomizing process, the score will be electronically re-mixed with the recorded fragments of the composition and played back in the space in intervals, re-articulating harmony and dissonance into infinite new combinations. 
As Jimena Sarno’s practice is concerned with labor, manual skills, materials, and learning processes, her residency has focused on learning furniture making, woodworking, and expanding her ceramics skillset as required by the making of the objects in the installation. As an extension of her residency and in conjunction with 18th Street’s ongoing outreach and education partnerships with the local community, Sarno will lead a participatory workshop incorporating ceramics and score mapping with residents of Community Corporation of Santa Monica’s 2602 Broadway flagship property, designed by architects Brooks and Scarpa whose exhibition Dense-City: Housing for Quality of Life and Social Capital is concurrently on view in 18th Street’s Airport Gallery. The resulting collaborative graphic score, created with and for residents of the non-profit affordable housing community, will be gifted to the residents with the intention of being installed on site at a later date.

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