Renée Petropoulos and Arturo Hernández | Directed Reading

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Renée Petropoulos and Arturo Hernández | Directed Reading
October 19, 2019 2:00 pm
18th Street Arts Center
Sue Bell Yank: (310) 453-3711
Tongva Park
1615 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, 90401

Renée Petropoulos and Arturo Hernández | Directed Reading
Saturday October 19 | 2-4 PM
Tongva Park | 1615 Ocean Avenue

Renée Petropoulos will collaborate with Oaxacan artisan Arturo Hernández on a directed reading at Santa Monica’s Tongva Park, performed by invited members of the public in many simultaneous languages. For the directed reading, Petropoulos seeks to identify words and phrases that are not directly translatable between English, Spanish, and Zapotec, an indigenous language of the Mitla region. Other languages, such as Amharic and Hebrew, may also be included. Artisans and community members will be invited to contribute texts to create the directed reading, which will be performed by participants cast from among the public. Multiple individuals will represent “voices” such as those of ancestors or from literature. Petropoulos will create a performance score based on the interplay of these words and phrases to convey emotional and cultural meanings without enabling language comprehension in a traditional sense.

Our gallery and event spaces are fully accessible, with ground level entrances with no steps. Upon requests for assistance, we will make programmatic aspects of our projects available in accessible alternative formats. You can email requests or questions at

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